COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Elbow Room COvid-19 Risk AssessmentDocument Reference: 160719

Hazards:Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Who might be affected:Employees, contractors and customers could contract the virus and fall ill. Special consideration to be given to vulnerable groups as defined by PHE.

Control Measures
            In place at premise Yes or N/A
Enhanced hand wash routines implemented with reminders via the screens at venue yes
Controls to manage queues are in place both internally and externally in order to maintain social distance.yes
Employees available to monitor queuing, occupancy and advise on social distancing.yes
Doors to wedged open to increase airflow and reduce hand contact points where possible. Separate entrance and exit.yes
Surface sanitiser is effective against enveloped viruses. Compliant with BS EN 1276 (removal of bacteria) and BS EN 14d76 (elimination of enveloped viruses).yes
Hand sanitiser to be made available at  key locations  including the customer entrance, customer toilets and  behind the bar. Hand sanitiser conforms to BS EN 1500 and BS EN 12054 and has been proven effective against enveloped viruses.yes
Hygiene, social distancing and directional signage notices prominently displayed for customers and staff.In part
Sanitising of contact;/touch points, front and back of house. This will reduce the risk of viral transmission via surface contact.yes
Tables are to be spaced out.yes
Table service only for drinks with separate tables for each activity space including pool tables, shuffleboard and ping pongyes
AWP’s moved to provide increased distancing yes
Designated external smoking areas with barriers and no smoking at the front doors.yes
Maximum occupancy number set for smoking areas.yes
Point of sale removal from the tables and single use menus available.yes
Plexiglas screen installed at the till that is used to take orders and payment at the bar.yes
Customers are encouraged to use contactless paymentyes
Number of employees assigned to a single till kept to a minimum.Only 1 till
Ternperature checks completed with all employees prior to starting work each day.yes
Staff strictly excluded: from work, based on government guidelines, If they are displaying any symptoms of illness or if they are required to self-isolate.yes
Employees instructed to launder work clothes at least 60’C or to use a laundry sanitizing agent if the fabrics cannot be washed at such a temperature.TBC
Safety policies updated to cover the operation of pubs with CDVID-19 controls in place.yes
Pre-shift briefings completed with all stall to provide them with the most up to date information and remind them of their responsibilities and actions needed to maintain their wellbeing.yes
Face masks and nitrite gloves available for ernployees to use if they wish.yes
  Date Produced: 16th  June 2020