Member Rules

1. Your card is for your use only, you can sign in up to two guests.

2. Consistent bad language will not be tolerated.

3. Smoking and Vaping are not allowed inside the premises. We have an external terrace area available.

4. Members must scan in either at the door or the bar.

5. Under 18’s are only allowed on the premises before 8pm.

6. Drug use will result in an immediate ban, with no refund of membership.

7. No drinks on the tables, re-clothing in our tournament Simonis Cloth is £350 a time!

8. Members are our priority, we want you to have a great experience. There are some rules, but in essence we want you to have a great time, in safety with superb facilities. Ideas and feedback welcome.

9. Any abuse towards any member of staff may result in a cancellation of Membership.