Shuffleboard Rules

A coin toss determines who shoots first and who gets the hammer. The winner normally takes the hammer and loser picks the colour of puck he or she will shoot.

Player A begins by shooting one of their coloured pucks. Player B shoots the other colour. Players then rotate shots until all eight pucks have been shot. If a puck doesn’t cross the foul line closest to the player shooting, it must be removed and the shot forfeited.

After all eight pucks have been shot, the players determine who scored by counting only the pucks closest to the end of the table and are the same colour. If a player has more than one puck closer to the end of the table then his opponent may also count those pucks.
Remember, only one colour can sore per frame. A puck must be completely inside the score zone to receive the points in that zone.

The team or player that scores in that frame must shoot first in the next frame. This process is repeated until one team or player reaches 15 points.

How to Play Handicap Scoring:

The purpose of handicap scoring is to allow players of different expertise play at an even level, similar to a golf handicap. The better team or player simply uses the smaller red numbers and the other team or player uses the black numbers. Example: The more advanced player may receive three points for a particular shot whereas the other player would receive four points for the same shot.

Remember: The puck must be completely inside the score zone to count in the higher zone. If you\’re not sure, look directly down on top of the puck. If it’s touching the line it counts in the smaller zone.


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